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Tiffany M Gray Real Estate is a full-service real estate agency that is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Bio: Tiffany Gray, CCIM, MRP, ABR, RLI

  • Broker & Founder of T.A.M.G Realty Incorporated
  • Founder and Owner of Tiny Footprints Academy
  • Owner/Operator Seventh Automobile Brokerage
  • Chairman & Founder of Step Into Your Legacy Foundation

About Tiffany M Gray

Allow us to introduce Tiffany Gray, a powerhouse in the business world with a diverse portfolio of successful ventures. As the proud owner of T.A.M.G Realty Inc., Tiffany has successfully supervised over a billion dollars in real estate transactions. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field have allowed her to specialize in various areas of the real estate industry, including land development, subdivision development, and buying and selling properties.

Under Tiffany’s leadership, T.A.M.G Realty Inc. has become a trusted name in the real estate market. She has built a team of dedicated and skilled professionals committed to providing exceptional client service.

Apart from her successful real estate business, Tiffany owns and operates Seventh Automobile Brokerage, a dealership based in Roswell, Georgia. The automobile business reflects Tiffany’s passion for serving people that would love to get their hands on their home and car, and it provides a one-stop shop for clients looking to buy or sell high-end vehicles. At Seventh Automobile Brokerage, Tiffany and her team strive to provide a hassle-free car-buying experience. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences and use their extensive network to find the perfect car for them.

She is also the proud owner of Tiny Footprints Academy, a daycare that provides an innovative learning environment for children. Tiffany is passionate about educating children both academically, mentally, and emotionally so they can become well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

In addition to her real estate and daycare ventures, Tiffany founded Step Into Your Legacy Foundation. This non-profit organization seeks to educate young adults on financial literacy, life skills and provide guidance on securing employment. Tiffany firmly believes that every young person deserves the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams, and she is proud to be a part of an organization helping to make that a reality.

Recently, Tiffany launched Great Rising International with Dr. GeorgetteFraser-Moore, a global tourism business that is aimed at providing unforgettable experiences to travelers from all over the world. Her passion for creating memorable experiences and her dedication to excellence has made this venture success. Tiffany is excited to continue growing the business and allowing people to see the world and createlifelong memories.

Apart from her business ventures, Tiffany is also an author. Her book, “Reversing Out of Turmoil,” is a powerful guide to help individuals overcome obstacles and succeed personally and professionally. She has also written two cooking books that provide delicious recipes and cookingtips to food enthusiasts.

In summary, Tiffany Gray is a serial entrepreneur with great success in various industries. Her commitment to excellence, passion and dedicationhave earned her a reputation as a trusted business leader.

At any given time, Tiffany is involved in multiple transactions across all of her companies. A natural leader, Tiffany stated that “one of the biggest assets in business is her employees. Much of her time is spent coaching and developing the talent behind her growing brands. Knowledge is power, and power can be transferred through a positive mindset and ongoing staff & sales training.

Tiffany is currently expanding her real estate brokerage with a goal of making T.A.M.G Realty a household  nameacross America. Currently, T.A.M.G is licensed in 13 states with plans for more. In addition, the brokerage will soon be licensed in the Caribbean. When asked, about her unique edge in business, Tiffany replied “we get youto the closing table…no matter what! This phrase is our personal commitment to our clients.

In 2022, Tiffany established the Step Into Your Legacy Foundation, whereby a percentage of  business transactions are donated to the nonprofit. The mission is to educate today’s youth on ‘adult life skills’ such as finances, building wealth through real estate, interview preparation and job seeking guidance.

In addition to the three businesses & a nonprofit, Tiffany has a portfolio of commercial and residential properties in many asset classes. As a mover and shaker, mother of two beautiful daughters, Tiffany is an avid reader, an immersive traveler (exploring ‘off the pavement’), and a world class chef featured on The Food Networks ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’ and ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’.

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Our Mission

At Tiffany M Gray Real Estate, our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients by helping them achieve their real estate goals. Whether our clients are buying or selling property, investing in real estate, or simply looking for guidance and support, we are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive service that is tailored to their unique needs.

Our Vision

At Tiffany M Gray Real Estate, our vision is to create a real estate experience that sets us apart from the competition. We believe in putting our clients first, and we are committed to providing exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.

Our Trusted Partner

At Tiffany M Gray Real Estate, we understand that buying or selling property is a significant investment and one that can be fraught with uncertainty and stress. 

Why Choose Us for Your House Needs?

Choosing the right real estate agency is essential to ensure a successful and stress-free property transaction. At Tiffany M Gray Real Estate, we’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and personalized attention to help them achieve their real estate goals.


Tiffany Gray has 20+ years of experience in commercial and residential real estate with a specialty in commercial finance. Over the course of her career, she has overseen real estate transactions in excess of 1 billion dollars and rapidly growing.


Tiffany M Gray has a deep understanding of the local real estate market. She keeps up-to-date on market trends, pricing, and inventory, which allows her to provide accurate and insightful advice to her clients.

Exceptional service

Tiffany M Gray is committed to providing her clients with exceptional service from start to finish. She is responsive, communicative, and always puts her clients' needs first.

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exceptionalAt Tiffany M Gray Real Estate, our agents are the heart of our business. We are proud to have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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